Ways to raise awareness

Step 3 – Raise Awareness

Part of reducing stigma is to educate your school community about epilepsy. By raising awareness, your school can demonstrate that your school understands epilepsy and provides a welcoming environment for all students.

There are several ways you can embed epilepsy knowledge at your school. You can use classroom activities to teach students about epilepsy. You can host a Purple Day event to celebrate awareness about epilepsy.

What is important is to show that you are an inclusive school and that students with epilepsy will never feel alone.

To complete step 3, you can use our online classroom activities to add to your curriculum, or many schools choose to hold a Purple Day activity to raise awareness.

To complete step three you can either;

  1. Registering to take part in a Purple Day activity
  2. Using our classroom activities

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Learn about what epilepsy means for you…

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Purple Day

Purple is the official colour of epilepsy and PURPLE DAY aims to encourage people to talk about epilepsy and to remind those who live with seizures, that they are not alone. To support epilepsy awareness, we encourage you to ‘GO PURPLE’ to support and increase awareness and understanding of epilepsy.

If you are a school, working towards becoming an Epilepsy Smart School – ANY DAY can be purple day.

** Fun fact – did you know Purple Day was started by aCanadian school girl Cassidy Megan, Purple Day has become a global campaign dedicated to increasing epilepsy awareness worldwide.

Many schools choose to host a Purple Day activity. Purple Day is a grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide. You can hold a Purple Day on any school day of the year. Purple clothes, purple hair, purple anything you want (maybe don’t paint the school building). This completes step 3 of the Epilepsy Smart Schools program.

What can you do to support Purple Day?

Schools can show their support by hosting a Purple Day event, talk about epilepsy and raise valuable funds;

Here are some ideas….

  • Purple dress up day with a gold coin donation
  • Cupcake day
  • Creative hair day
  • A purple sport day
  • Buy merchandise or
  • Arrange a collection to donate to vital epilepsy services.

Click here to register your PD event

Classroom Activities

Build your brain

This is a great practical tool for teachers to raise awareness about the brain with students and the effects of epilepsy. Tested on 8 year olds but please tailor to the class level.

Cheeky neurons

The Cheeky Neurons partner with Epilepsy Australia to spread awareness and encourage open conversations about the brain and epilepsy. Plus, they are a whole lot of CHEEKY fun!

Host a Purple Day

Purple Day can be everyday! Promote Epilepsy Awareness by hosting an event. Don’t forget to register your event for Epilepsy Smart School recognition.

Classroom activity – Prep to upper primary

This exercise uses story telling and drawing to teach students about epilepsy and how it might affect someone they know.

Classroom activity – Mid to upper primary

Using both video and worksheets, this activity is designed to generate class discussion and break down stigma around epilepsy.

Classroom activity – Upper primary to secondary

This activity has word search exercises combined with links to materials that explain what seizures are and how they occur.

Epilepsy Smart Postcard
Have a look at our Epilepsy Smart Postcard. It will quickly tell you the key facts about epilepsy. If at any time you have a question about your epilepsy please contact the Epilepsy Australia Information Line on 1300 852 853.

Epilepsy Smart Quiz
Feeling epilepsy smart? Take the Epilepsy Smart Quiz and find out!

Is your school ready to start the journey to become an Epilepsy Smart School? Register and get started