In addition to your school having current Epilepsy Management Plans or, where required, Emergency Medication Management Plans, teachers need to complete the following epilepsy-specific training:

  • An Introduction to Understanding and Managing Epilepsy – this 1-hour module can be delivered on line or face-to-face (each teacher will receive a certificate and may be able to claim this towards CPD)
  • If your student has an Emergency Medication Management Plan, you will also need to complete Administration of Emergency Medication Parts 1 and 2.

When enrolling, you can choose whether to enrol a number of staff within your school or organisation (under Organisational Training) or, if you have a new staff member come on-board at a later date, you can enrol them under Individual Training.

Hint: Most schools start with Organisational Training to ensure all relevant staff with a duty of care are included in the training, at a cost-effective price.

You can undertake the Introduction to Understanding and Managing Epilepsy and the Administration of Emergency Medication (Part 1 – Theory and Practical) at the same time, if you wish.

You will need to have your student’s Epilepsy Management Plan in place before undertaking the Administration of Emergency Medication (Part 2), which is developed to meet the specific needs of the individual student’s Emergency Medication Management Plan.

Training is important so that teachers and school representatives understand and can manage students with epilepsy and, where required, can apply medication. Training should be renewed every two years or when a student’s Emergency Medication Management Plan is updated or a new student enters the school with their own Emergency Medication Management Plan.

School teachers and representatives should be trained every two years. You can use this opportunity to combine training with raising awareness activities at your school.


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Listed below are the different courses that teachers, school nurses or parents can do. For schools, you will often complete organisational enrolments so that more than one person can be trained at once. There is also the option to do individual enrolments.

Training is delivered online or face-to-face. Please note that the course Administration of Emergency Medication – Part 2 Practical is only delivered face-to-face or via an online webinar.

It will be more expensive for face-to-face training and fees may differ according to your location. If you would like face-to-face training, please contact:

National Epilepsy Support Service
Phone: 1300 761 487


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